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About Us

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I guess you can say I left the best for last! It certainly helps to have great friendly service, but you still have to have customers come for good food. We attribute our great food to Jon. Jon has been here for 15 years making and serving our food here. As an owner you can never say anyone is indispensable, but Jon is the closest thing to that. He is here everyday, like Bruce, at 5:00 am. I am at awe to see what he does everyday. In over 40 years in the restaurant business he is the most efficient chef I have ever seen. Customers rave about his Soups, and that is a large percentage of our business. There are weeks we sell over 30 gallons of Soup alone. He doesn't ever follow a recipe, he has a natural talent for what he does. He also makes all our homemade entrees and salads. Thanks to him, none of our food is pre made. Jon is another great example of the great employees we are blessed with here. I appreciate him and all my employees. He, like the rest of us are anxious and ready to come back. Jon, thanks for all you do for all of us, we are fortunate to have you on our team.
Bruce is what I call our "Glue" here. Doesn't matter how busy we get or what last minute catering we get, he's the man that helps get it done. Bruce is here every morning by 5:00 am! He's the one who gets our day ready. He does our baking, and food set up for lunch, and works the counter for lunch. He is also our maintenance director. Any projects that needs get done, floor repair, wall repair, stainless work, and all around repairs. He is the one that made all our Plexi Glass protectors, perfect example of what he does for us. On top of all that he is a pretty good boss to the staff. We are fortunate to have Bruce on our team, a great asset to our business.
He is ready and anxious to come back to what he does so well.
Thanks Bruce for all you do!
Melanie is "the" person at our City County Building location. We are so fortunate to have someone of her talent and caliber to be our site manager. She has the talent to handle multiple duties, especially since she is usually handling customers all by herself. She also has great personality which is so important to our business. We are also pleased that she is a "perfectionist", about cleanliness and service. On top of all that she is very dedicated and loyal to us all. I can sleep much better at night knowing that we have Melanie there that I can trust, and assured she does a great job. Melanie, thanks for being who you are, which so great for me and our customers. Very blessed to have you on our team, and can't wait for your return.